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Sunday, November 21, 2010

On show...

 Some time ago, I got to know of a French man on a mission. No, it wasn't anything to do with gourmet cooking, but motorcycles. Now, he told me that he was traveling through Bombay (I hate calling the city Mumbai, so lynch me you buggers!), clicking photographs of avid motorcyclists and their machines - in short, the essence of the biker in the city. He's captured everything from a Pulsar to a blinged out RX, a Vespa to a handful of Royal Enfields. He swung over to my place late one evening and somehow, seemed very kicked to see my little cunt of a shed. He said the cobwebs and the chaotic mess added texture to the photograph. I thought it was a lot of artsy fartsy mumbo-jumbo, you know, the kind that describes a worn out and torn pair of jeans as 'distressed'. But when Thierry mailed me the results, I kinda blinked twice. Sure, my cunt shed still looked like a car bomb exploded in it, but it seemed to be at peace, like a womb holding all those bikes while they gestate into their road worthy form. Thierry Vincent is holding an exhibition in Paris of all his work relating to the "Mumbaikers'. Check out the following link for more dope. Here goes: 


  1. he dude i just want an old royal enfield bullet of 1950s could u suggest me where i could get mail id is