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Thursday, November 18, 2010

And so begins the journey

Okay, so there are plenty of blogs out there that deal with vintage and classic motorcycles and their tantrums. There are plenty more that are finely written, the grammar and sentence construction being impeccable. Boasting of exceptional photography and smart design, these things are more like coffee table books than blogs.

But this one is different. There will be plenty of ranting and raving and yes, I'll try to curtail my fucking language. As you can obviously see, somethings are just plain beyond my buggerall comprehension. This is about the motorcycles and how sweet (or bitchy, depending on their time of the month) they can be. I'm no authority on classic and vintage machinery, but I strive to be. So if there's something that isn't right, do let me know. Or forever keep your silence.

What you will see will be pretty much all that I do in my little cunt of a shed. It's got the basic hardware, but I'm always losing stuff in there. And those mother fuckers who stole my pal Vikas's BSA C10 crankcases, I bet you wankers can't read and hence, there's no reason of mentioning you sods here anyway. 

I'd love to make you a large part of this blog, so please do feel free to send in photographs of your old ladies - the more ridden, the better. These bikes are like your tool, the more you use them, the shinier they get!


  1. well i follow yours if you follow mine lol ...hahaha
    no rm for you either i see

  2. Yes I can see the cursing... But ain't that the way of life for all of us fuckers out there. Chalo one thing is a say... Some good writing to be followed...!!!

    Hoping for some more piece of your mind soon...!!