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Sunday, March 20, 2011


This was taken from my buddy Vikas's phone. So please excuse the quality
The other day, I was sitting around in my shed, cleaning my trusty Bullet with some kerosene and a toothbrush. She's not been getting any action of late (get your heads out of the gutters, those of you who chuckled!) and was sitting in the corner, with oil smears on her engine. I thought getting rid of those old oil smudges would be a great way to pass a balmy Sunday afternoon.

Half way through the exercise, my gaze feel upon Eleanor, my Matchless G3L. And then, it popped into my mind - my fucking new year's resolution! It's been three whole months since the year started and I've done the whole total of dick to start work on the machine.

One thing lead to another, and 3 hours later, Eleanor was spread over a white sheet, all bare and naked, exposed to every last nut and bolt. The next very day, the tin parts were sent packing to the tinkerer and on opening the engine, I was in for a surprise. The block is still running a standard sized Hepolite piston, and just a new set of rings should do the job. The bottom end, however, was knackered like a cheap hooker's twat. I suspect the bike has been under water before it came home with me and that water has pitted the big end cone and bearings beyond repair.

The machinist, as all machinists are, is extremely busy and said he'll do it whenever he has a moment to spare. The tinkerer has begun working his trade onto the parts and for now, all I can do is sit pretty. Hence this blog! Ha!

Oh, and I'm going to put up photos and a detailed rebuild report as soon as the parts trickle back in. So if you want to see an old Matchless take form, this is the place you ought to be at.